O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! // The Postie’s delivered my TCA!

Apologies to Lewis Carroll – who’s line I plagiarised for the title of this post – but today truly is a frabjous day! For on my doormat lay a letterpress printed, perry-scented manilla envelope which could only contain one thing… the latest issue of The Cunningham Amendment (aka the ‘TCA’).

For those non-fools who don’t know, the TCA is a beautifully produced, letterpress printed journal of anarchy, freedom and good humour; a publication with so much flava it will leave you chewing for days.

Among the many wonders captured between the exquisite card covers of the latest edition is a frank and terrifying account of life under the beady eye of one Bernard Trevor Matthews CVO CBE; details of an exciting new national Troublemaker Training programme; and hundreds of crisp-edged images.

Not only is the TCA a perfectly crafted objet d’art in it’s own right…

…it also contains all the philosophy you need for a perfectly balanced life of freedom, love and happiness…

Brought to you by the R SUPWARD PRESS (pictured above) – who recently had to flee Bradford and make a new life in Norfolk due to a lack of political repression – the TCA is the perfect embodiment of the Anarcrisp ideology as defined by The Frampton Obligations (noticeable by their absence in the latest edition of the TCA). According to the wisdom of Doreen Frampton SRN, the Anarcrisps are they who:

“… recognise that we live in a world of much stupidity. Most of us are in the grip of large and heartless institutions and many are the times when we comply unquestioanbly with their directions. We hold that there are imaginative and creative ways of combating this relationship. In general we tread lightly in the non-fool world.

…We arrived on Earth equipped with a Soul, Free-Will and the bonus of a Free Ride around the Sun every year. Don’t ask for more.

…ALL Anarcrisps strive to practice a simple kindness to Others. Others are respected because the Other is Other.”

If you suspect that you may be an Anarcrisp, or you harbour a strong desire to walk the Anarcrisp path – would that there were 10,000 Anarcrisps left in Albion then this isle would truly become a paradise on Earth! – then you should check out a full and unabridged  copy of the ‘Obligations‘ toot suite. The best way to do this is to get your soft-but-ever-so-slightly-clammy hands on a copy of the TCA. Circulation is strictly restricted, but a true Anarcrisp aspirant will find a way…

…this particular way being TCA, Room 6, Tangleford House, The Street, Bawdeswell, Norfilk, NR20 4RT. The traditional TCA pricing structure is:

Registered Anarcrisps = 42p, Regular Anarchists = £1, Plain Regulars = £2.50.

Even at the higher price I estimate that this works out at a ridiculously cheap 3.7p per snigger, but I would heartily recommend sending additional cash; paper; stamps; beautiful, useful and/or personal objects that you have made yourself; zines; or any other thing you can think of that will express the TCA‘s guiding principles of mutual aid and ethical anarchism along with your payment to show your support for this truly unique publication.

Alternatively get your TCA at this years London Anarchist Bookfair for a chance to meet an Anarcrisps in their own sweet flesh.

To Better Braver Times!

As an added bonus here are some more TCA images from Dr Good’s ‘Garage Grumbles‘ at The Print Project (you lucky, lucky things!)…


5 thoughts on “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! // The Postie’s delivered my TCA!

  1. How fantastic to see this new issue. What a truly gobsmacking beautiful thing. this has made my day. I need to have one. I have a couple of older issues which I got at the Bradford Zine Fair in 2010 which I love.

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