Let’s Build Bohemia In The Best Little City In England!.. #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

The labour of love (and blood, sweat and tears) which my co-conspirator Rachel Horne and I (along with a host of wonderful people listed in the front of the mag) is finally available online!…

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If you’d like a copy of the real thing in all it’s papery glory then just let me know 🙂

A Window Into the Mind of #Phlegm : #StreetArt #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

Phlegm sketch book


While choosing some images for the forthcoming paper version of The Doncopolitan (watch this space!) I found this photo which I took while Phlegm was working in the courtyard of Church View. It was a real privilege to get a look at Phlegm’s sketch book and to see the idea unfold before my eyes. If you’re a fellow Phlegm fan you might want to try and get to London sometime in the next few weeks to take in The Bestiary show at the Howard Griffin Gallery



Phlegmography: further developments at Church View #DoncasterIsGreat

Despite the wet weather work is continuing at Church View and Phlegm‘s first piece for the courtyard is nearing completion… in plenty of time for The Telling (further details regarding that event coming soon).

Last Thursday saw some impressive rope-work as the piece grew up one of the taller sections of the building.
And ladders also paid their part… Phlegm has to constantly climb and paint, and then descend and walk to the other side of the courtyard to get perspective on the painting… I was exhausted just watching him 😉
For someone who loves street art spending time with Phlegm is a real privilege. I have always loved the otherworldly feeling of his work and next year he promises to be even more experimental!
With this as the backdrop for The Telling it promises to be a magical event 😀

The mighty Phlegm begins to paint at Church View #StreetArt #DoncasterIsGreat

Those lovely people at the Doncaster Central Development Trust (DCDT) have made a great job of clearing the Church View courtyard area. It’s almost ready for performance, music and storytelling events such as The Telling… all it needs is a lick of paint from a world class street artist like Phlegm

Phlegm doesn’t get too many opportunities to paint on this scale so close to where he lives (Sheffield I hope you’re listening!), so we can expect to see something pretty amazing…

He has two large-scale solo works planned for Church View and there’s talk of possible collaborations with Run and Kid Acne, so he’ll be around for the next couple of weeks.

He’s one of the nicest and most sincere blokes you can ever hope to meet, so if you’re in the area and happen to see him make sure you say ‘Hi’… and feel free to donate some white outdoor emulsion if you have any handy 😉

One guy who did pop in to say ‘Hi’ is Doncaster’s very own prodigal street-artist ‘Kozy the Crackhead‘…

Kozy has already worked with renowned punk artist Jamie Reid and will now be working opposite Phlegm in the Church View courtyard… watch this space!

I’ll keep you posted as Phlegm & Kosy’s works take shape.

If you’re a local artist, musician, writer or storyteller who’d like to get involved then why not get in touch.