DONCOPOLITAN issue 3 launches today!.. 12pm at #DoncasterPride – #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN #IAmWhatIAm

Doncopolitan issue 3

Get down to Sir Nigel Gresley Square outside CAST between 12pm and 6pm today (August 16th) to get your hands on a FREE copy of the civilized world’s (i.e. Donny’s) most beautifully produced arts and culture magazine.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. You can pick up copies from Doncaster libraries and venues all over town including Cask Corner, The Hallcross, The Mason’s Arms, The Woolpack and Diamond Live Lounge.

And if you’re unfortunate enough not to live in Donny click here to view online or you can always ask us to post you out a copy by getting in touch via doncopolitan[at]gmail[dot]com

The Curious Case of Donny’s Minster Hipster #Monochrome #Photography #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

Doncaster Hipster

Doncaster is often accused of being behind the times…

Doncaster Hipster

…but the Hipster who features in these photos (who can be found – quite literally – hanging around in Doncaster Minster) …

Minster Hipster

…was approximately 160 years ahead of his time 😉

Doncaster, setting trends since 1858!

DONCOPOLITAN Issue 2 – OUT NOW! #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

Frenchgate Centre DONCOPOLITAN

Issue 2 of the Doncopolitan magazine is out now and available for FREE in bars, cafes, libraries, community buildings and shops across Doncaster… including Church View, The Blue Building, Cask Corner and Sine FM to name but a few.

If you’re one of those poor unfortunates who do not live in Donny, don’t despair, you can still check out the online version here…

But if you still want to see the mag in all its papery glory leave a comment or drop me a line and I’ll post one out to you 🙂


What a #DNweekeND !!! Doncopolitan launch and Pop-Up Maker Space #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

doncopolitan launch

What a wonderful weekend the DNweekeND was! After years in the making Rachel Horne (see above) – collaborator and whip-cracker – and I (along with a fantastic team of editors and contributors) finally brought a print copy of the Doncopolitan kicking and screaming into the world. And it went down a storm (quite literally on Sunday when it rained so hard the synchronised swimmers in Sir Nigel Gresley square were forced to take shelter 😉 )…

avid doncopolitan readers

There are copies available at various venues including The Little Theatre and Church View, but if you’re having trouble finding one leave me a comment and I’ll sort something out for you 🙂 The kids above (getting familiar with Doncaster band, Bang Bang Romeo) were also taking part in another great DNweekeND project…

doncaster maker space

The Doncaster Maker Group and John Brigg’s Doncaster Urban Growers (DUG) Pop-Up Maker Space!

donny maker space

Where the two groups converted a disused shop in the Waterdale shopping centre into Doncaster’s first ever DIY maker space. Maker Spaces (or Hackerspaces) are traditionally  community run workshops which focus on emerging technologies such as 3D Printing. We also play with technologies – such as the Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey and Arduino projects we had running over the weekend…

makey makey girls

pi shop

…and we plan to build a 3D Printer from scrap, but we also focus on a whole range of other projects – from arts and crafts…


woven bracelet

…to guerrilla gardening and building projects which can help to supply the essentials of life – food, energy, fuel, shelter & entertainment – all guaranteed to save you money by using waste materials… like this aquaponics demonstration unit which the DUG built from pallets and old barrels…

DUG aquaponics

In fact we’ll help you build almost anything you want!.. Hence the Doncaster Maker Group Wishing Tree…

wishing tree

So if you’d like to get making come down to Church View this Thursday evening (May 15th) at 6:30pm and join us for our DN-debriefing where we’ll be planning the next step for the Doncaster Maker Group 🙂

Your first glance at the Doncopolitan… released this Saturday for the #DNweekeND – #DoncasterIsGreat #WeLoveDN

doncopolitan proofs

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The hardcopy version of the Doncoploitan magazine will be delivered kicking and screaming into the world this Saturday in Sir Nigel Gresley Square (outside the new CAST theatre and council building). Featuring input from the likes of Phlegm, Dr Mutley, Greenjacker, Adam Ogden and Bang Bang Romeo it will celebrate the art and culture of Doncaster… and beyond!

You will also be able to pick up a copy in the Doncaster Maker Group and Doncaster Urban Growers exhibitions which are taking place in Unit 4 Kingsgate in the Waterdale.

#DoncasterIsGreat so isn’t it time for a Donny Pound?.. #HullCoin #ILoveDN

doncaster pound

This week Hull City Council (HCC) became the very first UK local government to introduce a local cryptocurrency… the HullCoin.

In an interview with, Dave Shepherdson, the Financial Inclusion Support Officer for HCC, explains how mining a cryptocurrency can work as a way to add value to the local economy; protecting local businesses by creating a system where money stays local and is not filtered off through national companies who have no significant local ties.

Not only does the currency strengthen the local economy, it also protects the interests of the poorest and most vulnerable local residents. As Dave Shepherdson says :

“It’s about people on low incomes, in financial distress, being able to subsidize to an extent and compliment their incomes through undertaking activities that will be linked to the things in field of finance. [Futhermore] it can be used to instigate voluntary activity, or it can be issued close to the point of demand for a service which would help them, which they would not normally have the ability to pay for.”

Doncaster, like Hull, is one of the poorest areas in the UK. Unlike Hull we do not, as yet, have a forward thinking, locally minded, resilient and self-reliant plan in place for the (all-too-uncertain) future of our town. So let’s get off our arses and make one!

Click here  to download and display the poster if you agree!

Luckily groups like DUG (Doncaster Urban Growers), PermaFuture and the Doncaster Maker Group have been working on various projects which have the potential to make Donny’s economy – and ecology for that matter – more localised and sustainable. Why not pop along to DMG’s meeting at Church View this Thursday to get involved with changing the future of our town! 😉