#Monochrome #Photography at Brodsworth Hall #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

Small Brodsworth Hall 1

I went for a brief stroll around the gardens of Brodsworth Hall yesterday.

Small Brodsworth Hall 5

It’s one of Doncaster’s many (and I mean many!…) gems.

Small Brodsworth Hall 9

The history, culture and ecology of our borough is incredibly rich and diverse….

Small Brodsworth Hall 6

…and yet very little is done to celebrate our  multitude of local wonders.

Small Brodsworth Hall 13

So let’s get together to change all that.

Small Brodsworth Hall 3

If you love Donny like I love Donny then don’t hide your love under a bushel…

Small Brodsworth Hall 11

Tell people how you really feel about living in the Secret Garden of God’s Own County! 😉

Small Brodsworth Hall 14

Because, despite of the (often externally inflicted…) poverty and hardship we face, we also have the resources, know-how and strength to change our region’s fortunes…

Small Brodsworth Hall 12

… if we have the courage to try.

Small Brodsworth Hall 4

Confession time…

Brodsworth Hall was strangely quiet yesterday and I had a lovely picnic with the gardens and follies all to myself. It wasn’t until I left that I saw the ‘closed’ sign 😉

So if you fancy a visit yourself you might want to check the opening times first…



2 thoughts on “#Monochrome #Photography at Brodsworth Hall #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

  1. Wow! I’ve not been to there since I was about seven. Your photos have just made me decide that this is the next place to revisit when I next go back home to S Yorks to see family 🙂

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