A Gift for The Gifting #DoncasterIsGreat #ILoveDN

With The Gifting just around the corner…


…I had been panning to produce a booklet to hand out during the evening as one of my ‘gifts’. Unfortunately time and finances have conspired against me and I won’t be able to get the pamphlet printed and finished in time for next Saturday… although I’m still working on making some swanky letterpress-printed-cover versions of it as part of my forthcoming ‘Liberi Press’ project (more on that nearer the time).

So I’m offering my friends (that’s YOU) the gift of a PDF version of the pamphlet instead…

Click here to download COMMON PEOPLE by Warren Draper.

It is an essay which was originally published in issue 43 of The Idler magazine (arguably the most beautifully produced magazine on the face of the planet) back in 2010. I thought it appropriate for The Gifting as it encompasses my own views of property, liberty and the commons. There’s also an online version of it to read here…



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