Doncaster, where God lives next door to Tesco #ILoveDN #DoncasterIsGreat #Doncopolitan


A while ago, during Doncaster’s last bid to become a city, I had the idea of producing an arts, listings and culture magazine for Doncaster which would celebrate all things Donny in a tongue-only-slightly-in-cheek kinda way.  I firmly believe that if Donny was given the same glossy magazine treatment that most *real* cities enjoy (stylish photos, pretentious write-ups, Who’s Who of the Doncasteratti, etc.) then it would have no trouble holding its own against Paris, Milan and New York. 😀

Take a long, hard look at our town and you’ll realise that Doncaster wants for nothing… nothing but confidence that is. Don’t get me wrong, a little modesty can be a refreshing thing, but when you’re always putting yourself down you shouldn’t really be surprised if people start acting negatively towards you. Doncaster suffers not for what it is, but because of how it views and portrays itself. So the magazine I wanted to produce, The Doncopolitan, would sing Doncaster’s praises and tell people in no uncertain terms If you want to be a city, act like a city!

The magazine wasn’t produced at the time of the city bid – who knows, if it was there might have been a different outcome 😉 – but talented local artists Rachel Horne and Jo Carline did turn the concept into a cracking radio show. Now, however it looks like we may finally be producing a real-live, flesh and blood (well paper…) version of The Doncopolitan, so I decided to work on some prospective magazine covers.


The initial cover I produced (above) features St George’s Minster, the first major landmark you see when you enter the town from the north. Despite its prominence in the landscape, if you ask for directions you’re unlikely to hear mention of ‘St George’s’ or ‘The Minster’. All too often when I’m directing people to Church View the conversation goes like this…

“You need to go down by St George’s.”

Blank look.

“You know… the minster.”

Blank look.

“The big church.”


“Next to Tesco.”

“Oh yeah! So that’s Church View?”

“No, that’s St George’s, Church View is the old art college behind it…”

Blank look.

“The big imposing building… 100 years old… Oh forget it, just walk through to the bottom end of the Tesco car park, cross the road and it’s straight in front of you.”

This was the actual conversation which inspired the first cover design (called ‘Doncaster, where God lives next door to Tesco’). The conversation does illustrate the fact that nowadays we are much more likely to negotiate our towns and cities in relation to shopping rather than with regard to heritage, culture or industry. And for some reason that makes me sad. 😦

Oh well, back to the designing (and if you have any ideas for the magazine – or would like me to try out a certain landmark for the cover – don’t hesitate to let us know!)…

DONNY Magazine


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