Flight into FOSS #DoncasterIsGreat for open source alternatives :-)

flight exhibition

Photograph courtesy of The Doncopolitan

The preview event for the Flight exhibition went really well and I can highly recommend people to take a trip to Church View to see the work of my co-exhibitors Heidi & David (and mine too if you like ;-)). The only downside was that I wasn’t able to get the equipment organised in time to host the accompanying Free Open Source Software (FOSS) digital graphic design and photography workshop. The computers are now being serviced and we should be able to host a workshop before the closing date of the exhibition (18th July).

FOSS applications such as GIMP or Inkscape – which I first came across thanks to the Access Space Media Lab in Sheffield – made a real difference to my life. They gave me the design skills needed to land a job as a Marketing Executive and enabled me to take part in exhibitions like Flight despite not having access to the latest equipment or ‘must have’ proprietary software. Which is why I have always believed that FOSS can be of real help to people from similar backgrounds to my own (we *will* get a Donny Access Space one day!).

But FOSS should never be seen as just a poor person’s alternative to the ‘proper’ stuff. The communities which help develop open source software aren’t just made up of computer geeks (although digital designers owe those geeks an awful lot), they also include designers and photographers who know exactly what they need from the software in question – and even what’s missing from industry standards like Photoshop or Illustrator. IMHO there are many ways, once you have adjusted to the different user interfaces, GIMP is superior to Photoshop, and Inkscape is a piece of code like no other available to the design industry (if you’re a graphic design looking looking for inspiration download it today!). Especially when you consider recent manoeuvres by Adobe to alienate people who, for whatever reason, use older machines and/or operating systems… https://andybeelfrps.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/lightroom-5-has-arrived-or-not-at-a-cost/

I’ll keep you posted about forthcoming FOSS design and photography workshops, in the meantime I can highly recommend that you take a trip to Access Space if you can… if only for the EMA, Phlegm & Kid Acne art-work on the outside of the building 😉


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