thorpe marsh

We Greenjackers used to enjoy a walk around the remains of the coal fired power station at Thorpe Marsh, near Doncaster.

happy thorpe martians

There’s something highly satisfying about wandering around the decaying monoliths of the industrial age as they slowly succumb to nature’s sweet caress. Unfortunately it was another power altogether which eventually put pay to the cooling towers…

The site is being cleared to make way for… you’ve guessed it, another f@*%ing power station!

The new model is being hailed as a ‘green’ solution because it is gas fired (the same model as the proposed Kingsnorth power station which has since been shelved thanks mostly to the 2008 Climate Camp), but gas is far from green…

“[T]he Government’s advisors in the Committee for Climate Change have said that, in order to meet its climate change targets, the UK should effectively decarbonise its power system. This means reducing per-unit carbon dioxide…

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