Get ready to hug some trunk… It’s Beuysterous’ #TreeLoveWeek – #art #photography #treelove


It’s February 11th so it officially the beginning of the Beuysterous inspired TREE LOVE WEEK.

The event runs from 11th – 18th February and I’m starting the week off with a rejig of my A Vision In Four Moods celebration of a distinctive tree which you can find just outside the village of Campsall, South Yorkshire.

I’ll add some more tree related photography as the week commences. More importantly I’ll be spending my free time visiting some bark encrusted friends of mine for some hard, but hearty hugs.

Why not try one of Beuysterous’ ideas?..

What can you do for Tree Love Week? Write an ode onto a label or make sashes with hearts, or a waterproof card, and put them onto your beloved tree. Or you could plant flowers in a tree pit. Or provide a nest for some nesting love birds. What about making a portrait of yourself or someone else by/with/in/up/around a tree that you love? Maybe you’re brave enough to make a public declaration of love?

Or perhaps come up with some your own?

Whatever you do don’t forget to tell Beuysterous about it over at


3 thoughts on “Get ready to hug some trunk… It’s Beuysterous’ #TreeLoveWeek – #art #photography #treelove

  1. Have you read “Meetings with Remarkable Trees”? It’s a beautiful book, written and photographed by Thomas Packenham. He owns a large estate somewhere in Ireland, but I can forgive him that because it’s not his fault, it’s just what he inherited, and anyway, he absolutely loves trees. He travelled across the British Isles meeting and photographing ‘remarkable trees’ – remarkable because of their size, their age, or their social significance, or just because they’re beautiful. It’s really rather lovely. I love trees too.

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