No Ism But Organism – or – If You Don’t Like Weeds Get The F%$* Out Of My Garden! #photography



So far today three people have told me that they’re sick of these ‘bleak’, ‘dreary’, ‘grey’ winter days. Anyone who actually bothers to walk out into these winter days – rather than just stare at them through the plastic-framed windows of their houses, offices or cars – knows that this is nonsense. But to add insult to injury the people who are whinging about winter are much the same people who moaned about the weeds back in the spring and summer. I can only recommend that these people follow the lead of many others on our street and get a TV which is so big it covers their windows so they don’t have to look at the world as it really is… or at least as it is for now 😦

Don’t get me wrong, I love these people (apart from ‘D’ who’s proper nasty and has a the really annoying voice), but I can’t help worrying that this institutionalised dissatisfaction with life as it is is one of the reasons why we’re on the brink of total ecological collapse. Consumer society does of course have it’s part to play in our anxieties; satisfied people won’t so readily buy so much tat and/or swallow what Frankie Boyle calls the ‘shiny shiny’…

…but dissatisfaction with biological reality is much, much older than even than the anally retentive we now endure. Almost 3000 years ago Homer was whinging that:

“You can drive Mother Nature out with a pitchfork, but she always comes hurrying back.”

Well why not let her!.. of all the stupid things we humans say the term ‘overgrown’ never fails to wind me up. The term stems directly from our attempts to entrap wildness and steer life to our own selfish ends. In truth very few things in nature actually over grow. Some notable exceptions are cancers, plague species, economies and civilisations, but in each of these cases the end result is always the same; unsustainable imbalance followed by death.

So next time you find yourself tempted to whinge about nature ask yourself what you prefer?.. Weeds and the occasional ‘grey days’, or the dusty shell of a long-dead planet?

Let 1000 weeds bloom!

No ism but organism!

3 thoughts on “No Ism But Organism – or – If You Don’t Like Weeds Get The F%$* Out Of My Garden! #photography

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