Dirty New Town: An Ode to Doncaster #doncasterisgreat

I love Doncaster; it has everything to offer, but behaves as if it has nothing.

In the rush to build the monumental new projects which will ‘prove’ that Doncaster is a viable city for the third millennium, we have seen a millenia of history become abandoned as if the past no longer has value… worst still, as if the powers that be are ashamed of Doncaster’s history and intend to use the sweeping broom of ‘progress’ to brush it all safely away – just like the OdeonLazarus really should have stayed dead if you ask me! 😉

As I’ve already mentioned, I do love Doncaster, and I firmly believe that we’re about to witness some wonderful things emerge from our area… it’s just that I don’t believe that these will be the result of multi-million pound development projects. I feel rather that they will emerge from the forgotten places; like the dandelions currently pushing their way up through the (many, many) cracks in our well-trodden pavements.

If I’m proved wrong and the new Civic & Cultural Quarter (CCQ) actually manages to highlight Doncaster’s vibrant culture (‘build it and they will come’ might have worked for Kevin Costner, but social theorists have their doubts), then I’ll happily eat my words (I really do want CCQ to succeed). But in the meantime I’m going to focus my attention (and lens) on the forgotten places… and the people who remember their true value.


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