All The Way With The TCA!

Today is a good day…

Today the postman brought me the latest issue of The Cunningham Amendment; the most beautiful, inspiring and downright funny political zine produced in this or any other millennium. Hand-crafted by the Good Doctor and assorted  Anarcrisps (nice, well presented anarchists who have absolutely no intention of leaving the comfort of the anarchist ghetto) at the R Supward Press, this letterpress printed thing of wonder is worth ten thousand pages of dry academic drivel… this publication, my friends, is nothing short of a rose-scented molotov for the soul.

May I humbly suggest that anyone who stumbles upon this post takes it upon themselves to acquire at least one copy of The Cunningham Amendment in their lifetime. Not from contemptible whores like Andrew Burgin, but from the Good Doctor himself, Dr Peter Good; the nicest and most dapper man who ever bought me a pint (and as a self-confessed I.O.Utopian I have been bought many, many pints!).

If the Doc deems you an Anarcrisp then you may already be receiving the TCA free of charge on a regular basis. Lesser mortals might like to send a donation of cash, bullion, objet d’art, ephemera or stamps to:

TCA, Room 6, Tangleford House, The Street, Bawdeswell, Norfolk, NR20 4RT

And don’t forget to check out The Print Project which was given life thanks to a donation from Dr Good 🙂


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