Rima, Rise & Root – A Revolution

Over at The Hermitage there’s something of a revolution going on. The wonderful Rima Staines dreamed of a rune…

…which fueled a most beautiful idea

The idea of ‘Rise & Root‘.

It is radical in the truest sense of the word – from Latin radix “root” to create radicalis “of roots” – at a time when radicalism is so urgently required. As Rima herself says:

For some time I have wanted to make an image with which to start a quiet revolution on the backs of service station toilet doors, on the billboards behind carparks, over the screens of insidious train-journey advertising. In deep hatred for the feeling I get when I am forced to enter motorway service station cafes, shopping malls or toilets, I wanted to rail against all that is bland and homogeneous and commercial and life-suckingly chrome-and-concrete and spreading un-refuted like a disease across our land …
I suppose I wanted to plant my revolution-seed in the dirt in the cracks of the pavements, in the dirt between the formica and polyester, in the dirt pushed to the edges of millions of touchscreens, in the dirt underneath escalator rails and hygienic hand-dryers. Like the gargoyles and marginal grotesques of the middle ages, I wanted to coax beauty in once more like a stranger to the citadels of public ugliness we all have become so used to…
And so I made this drawing for you – Rise & Root – a symbol perhaps, a waymarker for the Zapatistas of suburbia. As I drew the rooted tree-people raising their fists, I realised that they were the embodiment and representation of my dream-rune: raised fists to the fight, and roots in the earth. I give you this image to do with what you wish: download it, reblog it, print it, photocopy it, make it into stickers … It is yours. A gift to our revolution for Two Thousand And Twelve. Take it and run.

People are already trying to give meaning to the rune – with talk of Ogham, Elder or Anglo-Saxon Futhark and even semaphore (‘E’/’5’ and ‘N’ if you’re interested) – but I think it is a symbol which should remain allusive… speaking in a esoteric but universal language, saying only what the beholder needs to hear… and only when they’re ready to hear it. An object of meditation as yet uncorrupted by expectations and prejudice. Take it simply as it is, indeed take it and run. And by way of a small contribution I have created SVG and PDF files from the original artwork to make it even easier to run with…

Click here to download a PDF file of the Rise & Root Rune

Click here to download a PDF file of the Rise & Root graphic

SVG files can be downloaded here – http://permafuture.org/rise%20&%20root.svg – and here – http://permafuture.org/rise%20&%20root%20rune.svg


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