Exciting Line-Up at the ‘Uncivilisation 2011’ Dark Mountain Festival…

There’s only 12 days to go now until this year’s Dark Mountain festival (August 19th). I’m honoured to have been invited to give a talk about the Luddite Bicentenary in light of the article I wrote for issue 2 of the Dark Mountain journal, but I’ve got to admit that I’m more than a little bit scared when it comes to public speaking đŸ˜¦

That said I did cheer up when I read the programme for this year’s event. There’s an amazing line-up! The hardest thing is going to be choosing between clashing speakers/workshops/performances. Click here for the 2011 UNCIVILISATION programme.

Hope to see you there đŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Exciting Line-Up at the ‘Uncivilisation 2011’ Dark Mountain Festival…

      1. Warren,

        Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

        No movement on that front in a while. The best chance might be related to John Mitchinson’s discussion on the future of the book at Uncivilization. A big problem not being able to attend that one!

        I’ve felt, since first reading the manifesto, that Dark Mountain provides a context for my novels that is missing when people are introduced to them out of the blue. It’s a community my writing naturally fits into…. Too bad it’s based 3,000 miles away at a time when my possibilities for travel are scant.

      2. John Mitchinson’s discussion will center around this idea… http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/may/29/crowdfunded-publishing-project-signs-major-names

        It’s a very interesting project and very worthwhile given the state of modern publishing, but I’m not 100% convinced that it will help generate anything truly groundbreaking… I mean, could you imagine what the response would have been to James Joyce pitching ‘Ulysses’ using an online video đŸ˜‰

        Nice website though… http://unbound.co.uk/

  1. Warren,

    Thanks for those links. Point taken and agreed with.

    It’s not a question of removing gatekeepers, but having gatekeepers who are in it for the writing. Old publishing became a bubble. The people involved hooked on big money. No new system has developed to take the place of what existed say from mid nineteenth century to about WWII.

    Crowd-sourcing just throws us back into the web-content-creation-for-nothing model that has made blogging so problematic as we’re dumped into an undifferentiated mass.

    The publishing of literature needs Dougald’s “marketplace” not THE MARKET. It isn’t, a moneymaking scheme. Anything, like crowd-sourcing that doesn’t emphatically make that statement, is just another way to keep us in the company town. Just that now that town belongs to Google instead of a mining conglomerate.

    A big topic, maybe for another place…

    Maybe Uncivilization can include some discussion of this?

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