Dark Mountain: Issue 2 – Out Now!

This hauntingly beautiful image by the magical Dartmoor artsit, Rima Staines, is from the cover of Issue 2 of the Dark Mountain journal which is available now… http://www.dark-mountain.net/join-us/dark-mountain-issue-2/
Dark Mountain is the most refreshingly honest read that you’re likely to come across this year. Among other things you’ll find – among it’s Bracketpress designed pages… – are “extracts from Jay Griffiths’ forthcoming novel about the life of Frida Kahlo, Melanie Challenger’s book on extinction, and Antonio Dias’ novel ‘Something for Nothing’, as well as new short stories from Nick Hunt, William Haas and Simon Lys. There’s also new poetry from Albert Pierce Bales, Antony Lioi, Em Strang, Joel Moore, Mario Petrucci, Adrienne Odasso, Robert Walker, Benjamin Morris, Stephen Wheeler, Andrea Dulberger, Heathcote Williams, Gerry Loose and Paul Kingsnorth.”

There’s also my reappraisal of the Luddite uprising, ‘The Shuttle Exchanged for the Sword’; which questions both the motivations behind the uprising and the dominant myth of progress – Andy Brewin very kindly described the article as ‘brilliant’ in a comment on my ‘About‘ page – and who am I to argue 😉


5 thoughts on “Dark Mountain: Issue 2 – Out Now!

  1. Hooray!
    Thanks for the kind words about my painting, Warren.. I was equally impressed by your piece of the book – a really brilliant article!
    See you at Uncivilization!

  2. Your piece in ‘Dark Mountain 2’ has deeply affected me. The Luddite situation has been a model for the way we’ve all been either co-opted, defeated, or destroyed by the forces they rebelled against. Their position, as you’ve laid out so well, may be caricatured, but it can’t be denied once we look beyond the smears and obfuscations.

    One correction to this post, it’s my novel ‘Something for Nothing’ that is excerpted in ‘Dark Mountain 2,’ not ‘Shoal Hope.’ Dougald originally made the mistake in his release, but has since corrected it.

    1. Thank you Antonio,

      I’m really grateful for Paul Kingsnorth’s original suggestion to write a history of the Luddites (and for his great editing job!), it’s been a real eye opener.

      I live at the heart of the Luddite Triangle, in what was also the Selby Coalfield. As I worked on the piece I began to realise that, having lived through the miner’s strike, I actually had experienced many of the emotions and fears that the Luddites went through 200 years previously.

      The whole idea of ‘collapse’ has become somehow more tangible to me now thanks to writing the Dark Mountain piece. And thanks to Dougald I’m also know working with local artists, Rachel Horne, a strike-baby who’s work speaks volumes… we’re both speaking about the parallels between the Luddites and the miner’s strike at the festival next month.

  3. Paul is a tremendous editor. I hope to work with him again at the nearest opportunity!

    Wish I could be there next month. I do hope at least some things are videoed and presented for the rest of us later.

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