Gateways & Doors

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Campsall, Doncaster, has some beautiful (and architecturally significant) doorways which draw me to her time and again.

She lies a few miles south of the point where the internal borders of Yorkshire huddle together like newborn cats.

Half Saxon, half Norman, her stones echo something of the paradoxes that have shaped our country since 1066.

The church, and the history of surrounding area, greatly inspired my article ‘Common People’ which was published in issue 43 of The Ilder.


3 thoughts on “Gateways & Doors

  1. Thanks, took a few visits to get a combination of dry stone and damp doors which allowed the camera to capture the texture of both – trial and error (heavy on the error), the photographer’s best kept secret 😉

    Love the distress work on your site, gives a real feeling of desolation/abandonment – I too have a soft spot for the wild places.

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